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We specialize in making custom lighted clothing, primarily for performers in the entertainment industry. If you are looking for information about our custom design process, the types of lighted materials we work with, and our pricing guidelines, we recommend starting on the main custom orders page.

We also offer some limited edition pre-made pieces (when we have enough inventory!), which are sometimes available in the ready to wear section of this site.

If you'd like to browse through examples of past Enlighted projects, those are documented in our archives.

about the designer ...

Janet Cooke Hansen is President and Chief Fashion Engineer of Enlighted Designs, Inc. She founded the business to create her own "dream job" as a light-up clothing designer.

Janet's eclectic designs combine her lifelong interests of fashion, art, and technology. She learned to sew at age 7, and installed miniature lights in her own dollhouse. Over the years, her costume-making hobby began to incorporate electronics, with illuminating results.

With nearly fifteen years of experience in this highly specialized field, Janet is well known as a pioneer and innovator, and is arguably the most prolific lighted clothing designer in the world. She has created thousands of unique lighted garments in her studio; several hundred examples are documented in the archives on this site.

Do you need to be a rocket scientist to design clothes like this? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt, either. If you're interested in details about Janet's extensive formal training in engineering, including a PhD in biomechanics, you can look here.

Her other artistic interests are also inspired by technology. Janet paints in an abstract geometric style, and creates illuminated wall panels and sculptures, in addition to the lighted clothing described on this site.

about the company ...

Enlighted is based in Encinitas, California (in the northern coastal area of San Diego County), and we sell our lighted clothing exclusively through our own website, enlighted.com. We create custom designs for a wide variety of international clients, including professional entertainers in the music industry, as well as for applications in art, theater, dance, television, film, and advertising.

We've been operating as Enlighted Designs Inc. since early 2000. For several years before that, we experimented with a range of preliminary designs (under other names) on our path towards forming this business.

about the name ...

We spell it this way on purpose. OK, we admit that it doesn't show up in very many dictionaries because we made up this word in a dream, or in the fuzzy waking moments after a dream. It sounds like enlightened (from enlighten), but our word is enlighted (from enlight, an archaic form of enlighten).

enlight: to illuminate; to enlighten [Obs]

enlighten: to give light to; to give clearer views to; to illuminate; to instruct; to enable to see or comprehend truth; to free from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition.

Our favorite part of the definition is highlighted, for emphasis. We're not sure how to achieve this by dressing up in twinkling lights, but we're working on it.

about the logo ...


The yin-yang logo symbolizes the merging of opposing forces into a balanced whole. We strive towards this type of balance with our designs, which combine a variety of "opposites": fun and function, right brain and left brain, art and technology, fashion and engineering, and so on.

We've replaced the traditional dots with rectangles that are suggestive of an electrical outlet (in the US, where we are based). This also makes it look more like the letter e, for enlighted.

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