blitz on sat1 tv

Light Up Bras

Summer 2006

Sat1, "Blitz" German entertainment TV


Our Enlighted bras were featured in a segment on Blitz, a primetime lifestyle/magazine show on Sat1 German television. See the Blitz site on for more information about the show.

closeup shots of a variety of bra samples

Janet Hansen in her studio

Amaya modeling a pink feather bra

beige bra with RGB color-changing LEDs

view of color-changing bra shown through a sheer button-down shirt

Amaya modeling the hypnobra

Janet and Katherine in the studio

Amaya modeling a flame bra

Video clip of the lighted bra segment (Quicktime, 5MB)

how to order

Please see our main lighted bras p


age for more information about the products shown in this segment. Some of the designs are available on our ready-made orders page; the rest are available as custom orders.

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