scrolling messages with block lettering

Scrolling messages were created using a "block lettering" method, where each character is displayed on a rectangular 5x7 dot matrix array of LEDs.

In the sample shown here, eight character blocks have been attached to the front half of a knit cap.

detailed views of the 5x7 blocks, shown here with orange lights

The control circuit and power supply are hidden in the back portion of the knit hat cuff. A single 9V battery powers this hat for about 6 hours. The scrolling message boards display text messages and graphical patterns, such as the zig-zag designs shown below.

patterns can scroll horizontally or vertically

promote your brand name!

these flexible displays can be mounted on other garments, such as this bra (described in more detail here)

Quicktime movies of scrolling message animation: clip 1 (240x180, 824 KB), clip 2 (larger version of same footage, 320x240 pixels, 2.6 MB)

how to order

Although we have created a variety of scrolling message designs in the past, in this style and with hand-wired LEDs and flex circuits, we have discontinued these products to focus our attention on other methods for displaying logos and text, such as embroidered fabric-based displays.

Please see our custom logos page for more information about other methods for creating lighted text.

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