leather trenchcoat with blue LEDs

Lighten up your leather with some super-bright LEDs! This black knee-length leather trench coat has over three hundred blue LEDs installed in a grid pattern on all outside surfaces of the coat.

The wearer can select from a series of pre-programmed animation patterns, with different speeds and fading effects.

front views of the jacket

close-up of collar

examples of the animation options: sequential fade patterns in two directions, random twinkling, fast random flashing

more detail shots of LEDs mounted in grommets, in leather

back view in bright and dim light

having fun with a wiggly camera

This jacket was made for the Galaxy Girl, shown here wearing it on stage at Ultra 2004. Other examples of her custom-made Enlighted clothing can be seen on this page.

how to order

Light-up leather jackets and other leather garments are available on a made-to-order basis (we do not typically keep any in stock). We can provide the "plain" leather item or add lights to one that you already have. Other examples of LED leather work can be seen on this page.

Please see our custom orders page for pricing guidelines, or contact us for more information.

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