light-up bras

Light-up bras make a popular addition to any outfit, and will definitely bring you attention! Here are some examples of our cleavage-enhancing creations - follow the links for more information on each style.


lighted bras with a single row of sequins and LEDs ... more on this page

deluxe sequined bras with multiple rows of LEDs ... more on this page

deluxe lighted bras with LEDs mounted in feathers ... more on this page

lighted flame bras with flickering animation ... more on this page

bras with EL wire designs ... more on this page

lighted bras with a single row of sequins and LEDs ... more on this page

other deluxe lighted bras with LEDs

lighted halter tops, camisoles, and corsets

Our custom electronics are compact and well-suited to being hidden in small or tight-fitting garments, such as bras, halters, corsets, and bikini tops. We also make matching light-up accessories such as belts, wristbands, miniskirts, hotpants, g-strings, and thongs. Yes, we actually do make light-up thongs!

Most of our bras are powered by a single 9V battery that can be hidden in a pocket under the arm or inside the cup. An easy-access on/off switch lets you choose between light and dark, as needed. All electronic parts are concealed within the bra lining or padding, for maximum comfort.

closer view of the battery pocket in the side of the bra

The electronics are sealed, so they are perfectly safe and resistant to moisture during normal wearing. When the battery is removed, they can be immersed in water to be spot cleaned or hand washed and dried flat.

how to order

Light-up bras can be custom made in your choice of size, style, and color. We sell replicas of the bras shown here, and will also create new designs by request, if you'd like a particular light layout or color combination. You can send your own bra and have lights added, provided that it has enough structure to support the decorations (sheer stretchy fabrics may not be suitable for some designs).

Please click on any of the photos above for detailed descriptions of our bra designs, or check our custom orders page for pricing guidelines and instructions for placing a custom order.

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