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EL wire bra with animated spiral - the hypnobra™

Here at Enlighted, this is by far our favorite style of EL lighting for a bra. The colorful spirals accentuate the natural curves of the body while making them hypnotically irresistible to anyone who dares to look in your direction.

Repeat after me: "Everyone loves the hypnobra! Everyone loves the hypnobra!"

a still shot and simulated animated view of a hypnobra in dim lighting
- for actual animation, see this video clip

a long-exposure shot of the hypnobra in brighter lighting, examples of other color combinations

detailed views of a spiral bra with black background

spiral EL bra with multi-colored striped background

as seen on Control, on the Univision TV network

animated wave design with EL wire

This bra is decorated with five colors of EL wire, sewn together in a series of wavy flame-like shapes that are animated in a pulsing pattern.

front view of bra

detailed view of hand sewn EL wire

this design was part of a matching bra and belt set - video clip of the actual animation

animated EL wire shamrock design

Display your Irish heritage (and cleavage) with this lime green lighted bra, and every day can be St. Patrick's day! This whimsical design features EL wire shamrocks with an animated flashing pattern. If you aren't already feeling lucky, you will be by the end of the evening. Trust us.

still shot and simulated animated view of the shamrock bra in dim lighting
- see this video clip for actual animation

closeup, view from another angle

two views in brighter lighting

abstract flame design made with EL wire

An abstract flickering flame design was created on this bra, using pink, red, orange, and gold EL wire on the outside of a black bra. Approximately 20 feet of wire was used for this effect.

Here is a second variation of the same design, with blue and purple added to the color scheme (along with red, orange, and gold).

Video clip showing sample animation. (clip 1)

pink bra with EL outlines

EL wire can also be used for a relatively simple bra decoration, with a steady glowing outline as shown here.

black bra with pink EL wire hearts

views bra in bright and dim light, with animation demonstrating use of the on/off switch

This design with pink EL wire hearts was created for a stage production of Gypsy, where the performer controlled the activation of each light (as shown in the animated example).

detail of pink heart, full body view showing matching light-up bottoms

black corset with red EL wire trim - more info here

black corset with violet EL wire trim

Violet EL wire was applied to the seams of this beaded corset, for a subtle, sophisticated look.

two full views of the EL wire corset, detailed view of beading and hand-sewn trim in bright light

as seen on Control, on the Univision TV network

how to order

The bras shown on this page are examples of previous custom orders. We can make replicas of these designs, and will also create new designs by request, if you'd like a particular light layout or color combination.

Pricing and availability are subject to change, please see our custom orders page for more information.

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