lighted bras with low-profile lighting
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These designs use surface mount LEDs, which are inserted between layers of fabric in the bra for the most streamlined design yet. They look great under a sheer shirt, too.

full spectrum color-changing bra

This bra uses ten surface mount RGB LEDs, which are illuminated in a variety of colors in a slowly changing random-looking pattern. The bra is available in beige, as shown, and can also be made with another base color, such as black.

bra in dim lighting, animated view, and detail of lights glowing through the fabric

blue, gold, green, and sample animation for close up view of the lights

Quicktime video of sample animation: clip_1 (2 MB)

black bra with bar-shaped low profile LEDs

This bra uses eighteen low-profile bar-shaped LEDs, in blue, aqua, and green. As with the color-chaning bra, the lights in this design shine through the sheer outer layer of fabric on the bra, resulting in a more subtle effect.

Quicktime videos of sample animation: clip_1 (1.8 MB), clip_2 (992 KB)

how to order

The bras shown on this page are examples of previous custom orders. We can make replicas of these designs, and will also create new designs by request, if you'd like a particular light layout or color combination.

Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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