britney spears

In 2011, Enlighted created the lighting for several custom pieces of clothing for Britney Spears and her 16 backup dancers on the Femme Fatale tour.

During the finale song, "Til the World Ends", she wore a lighted dress containing several hundred smart LED pixels that flashed in patterns simulating fire and lightning. We also created a lighted bra that she wore for a few pre-tour appearances.


"fireball" mode with red and gold lights

"lightning" mode with fast-flashing white lights

lighted leather harnesses for backup dancers (female and male styles)

video clip form the beginning of the finale (the backup dancers are lit up later in the song)

video of lightning and fireball effects (taken in our studio)

video of full finale from the Los Angeles show, including Nicki Minaj

We also created a lighted bra that was worn in several pre-tour shows, including a televised appearance on Good Morning America. The bra contained several hundred red LEDs in concentric circles, animated in an outward pulsing pattern. The rest of the costume involved a black vinyl corset with perforations in the areas above the lights.

closer views of the bra foundation and circular LED arrangement

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