lighted canes

Lighted canes aren't just for pimps anymore! The "bling" factor is undeniable, of course, but they can also serve a very practical purpose as a night-time walking stick. The internal lighting can help you see the ground in front of you, and you'll also be a more visible to others, without needing to carry a flashlight in your other hand.

Here are a few examples of canes that we have illuminated with spirals of EL wire. In both cases, the battery and on/off switch are mounted near the top. The spirals are lit up in sequence to create a spinning effect, as shown in this sample video.

cane illuminated by aqua EL wire

cane illuminated with pink EL wire - views in bright and dim lighting, detail of handle and coils

how to order

We offer all kinds of lighted accessories. Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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