lighted capes and cloaks

If you're going to make a bold fashion statement with a cape, why not really go for it, and make it a light-up cape or cloak?

Here at Enlighted, we've produced lighted capes and cloaks for a variety of clients, including several super heroes (with apologies to our personal hero, Edna Mode).

red velvet cape with lace trim - more info here

royal cape with faux leopard trim

Royalty ... but where? We don't know. But with red velvet, mock leopard fur, pink EL wire, and rainbow-colored LEDs, it must be a special place.

texas tech's masked rider cape - more info here

black sparkly cape with rainbow lights

This cape is made of a black velvet fabric with an abstract glitter design. The front and back are decorated with bands of red, gold, green, and blue LEDs that are animated in sequence.

blue cape with white LEDs on the inner lining

multiple views of the cape closed and open, video clip with sample animation

lighted golden cloak

This piece was created for a stage production where a blanket with magical properties was worn as a cloak. The performer could adjust the brightness of the glow with a sliding switch.

Warm-white LEDs (with a yellow tint) were selected to simulate the color of candle light.

front, back, and closer view of the lighting

cape for 'hot feet' the musical - more info here

Front, back, and detail view of cape decorated with red EL wire footprints. See this page for more information.

musclemania cape

This shiny black cape combines superbright blue, green and white lights, with a high energy random style of animation, similar to tv "static". The cape was worn with matching lighted posing trunks.

Joe Williams has worn this cape (and matching light-up hat) in competition, taking 3rd place in Musclemania Capitol on June 7, 2003, and 2nd place in Musclemania Superbody on June 21, 2003. Congratulations, Joe!

heatwave cape

A superhero set with a red, gold, and black color scheme, as described in more detail on this page.

mr 1776 cape

This spectacular superhero cape combines red, white and blue sequins with flashing LEDs, as described in more detail on this page.

burghman cape

How can we discuss capes without mentioning Burghman? Check out his full ensemble here.

timex/walmart cape

This cape was commissioned for use in a sales meeting between Timex Indiglo and one of their major retailers, WalMart. The speaker wanted to make a grand entrance, and use an Elvis-style costume to promote the Indiglo brand. Do you think we succeeded in getting him noticed?

The text on the back, "Timex - Indiglo - WalMart" was created in appropriate fonts with flat-panel EL. The design was completed with an EL outline similar to the face of a watch. Additional lights on the collar help to draw attention to the face of the person wearing the cape.

how to order

Capes and other superhero accessories are available on a made-to-order basis. We can design the entire garment to your specifications, or we can add lights to a cape that you already have, if you prefer. Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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