clear vinyl LED vest

This spectacular clear vinyl vest is illuminated by several hundred blue and white miniature LEDs connected with ultra-thin wire.

The LEDs are sequenced in various patterns, creating a diffused glowing effect through the protective layer of reptile-patterned clear vinyl.

The blue lights and the white lights have separate power supplies (3 pack of AA batteries), on/off switches, and mode switches that allow the user to control the speed of the flashing pattern. The controls for the blue lights are in one front pocket, and the controls for the white lights are hidden in the opposite pocket.

front view in dark, moderate, and bright lighting

back view in dark, moderate, and bright lighting

closeup views in bright and dark light

Animated sample clips: slow front view, fast front view, fast back view, detail view

Similar effects can be achieved by combining EL wire with sheer fabrics, as shown on this page.

Other lighted vests are shown on this page.

how to order

This vest was made as a custom order. We do not carry vests like this in stock, but we can make something similar using newer materials. Pricing would depend on the amount of lighting and the types of animation patterns desired. A replica of this design would typically be more than $1000. Simpler designs can be achieved with a lower light density.

Please see our custom orders page, or contact us for more information.

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