"Ropa Iluminada" (en español)

Univision TV Network

First aired February 1, 2003


reporter Nyzeth, light-up clothing designer Janet Hansen

Watch the video on youtube, or from the clips below:

Video clips from the show (Quicktime files, will open in a separate window):

Promo clip (8 seconds)
Small window (240x180, 376 KB)
, Medium window (320x240, 928 KB)

Full segment (2 min, 27 sec)
Small window (240x180, 4.1 MB), Medium window (320x240, 11.8 MB)

Some still shots from the show:

Stefanie in a light-up belt, Nyzeth in a light-up bra

bra with light-up spiral action

bra with 30 green and blue lights and coordinated sequin trim

matching belt with green and blue lights

a light-up wedding dress and bouquet

clubwear: silver light-up handbag and belts

black vinyl trench coat with violet EL wire trim, matching corset and handbag

back and front views of a red velvet halter with red lights

silver tie with white lights, two views of a green tie being assembled

Janet working on a tie, helping a model plug in a battery for her dress

Nyzeth counts the lights on a flame bra

menswear: black velvet smoking jacket with light-up flames, hat with EL wire trim

modeling a halter, light-up flame pants, and shirt with light-up buttons

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