custom enlighted bodysuits

This page illustrates some lighting options for full body suits and matched sets of shirts and pants. Looser-fitting garments made of non-stretch fabrics are usually easier to work with, in terms of attaining the highest possible durability in the finished garment. Form-fitting clothes, like catsuits, are more challenging because they undergo a high degree of bending and stretching when they are worn. These factors should be considered during the design process. Complex installations involving tight clothing can also require multiple fittings and adjustments.

loose-fitting coveralls fitted catsuit

Full-body lighting effects can also be achieved with separate pieces of clothing. If you want to be able to control the power and lighting effects for both pieces simultaneously, we can run connecting wires between them, with detachable plugs.

(Please see this page if you're looking for information about Tron-inspired bodysuits)

full body suits with LEDs

We can create a wide range of effects with LEDs on full body suits. Pricing is determined by the type of base suit, the number of lights, and the mounting technique. Our simplest full body suits typically start around $1000. Complex designs, with a high density of lighting covering the entire body, are priced at $3000-$4000 or more.

Examples of past projects from the Enlighted archives:

full body suits with EL wire

EL wire is typically not as bright or durable as LED-based lighting, but it can be used on full body suits when uniform neon-like lines of light are desired. Please see this page for a discussion of the limitations of EL wire in certain types of installations.

Examples of past projects from the Enlighted archives:

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