custom enlighted dresses

These examples illustrate some suggestions for lighting layouts in dresses and skirts. The generic silhouettes would be replaced with your choice of garment - preferably a dress that has already been fitted for the wearer.

In most cases, it is recommended that the lights are not placed in areas where you might sit on them. This is a bit easier to achieve with a full skirt, since the ruffles in the gathered fabric will offer some protection. A full skirt can also be helpful for hiding the placement of the battery pack, if it is placed near thigh-level, hanging from the waistline.

dress designs with individually mounted LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns, if desired. For skirts that contain multiple layers of fabric, the LEDs can be mounted on one of the middle layers, so that the light is diffused by an outer layer of organza or a similar translucent material. The connecting wires will be concealed inside the lining of the skirt.

Pricing will depend on the number of lights and the way they are mounted. Designs that require a steady glowing effect (with all of the lights on at the same time), will typically be priced starting at $15 per LED. Designs with single-color lights that twinkle independently will usually be $20 per LED.

Additional charges may apply if the dress does not already have a lining that can be used to conceal the wires, or if other special sewing is needed.

LEDs in random star pattern
50 lights

LEDs in random star pattern
100 lights

LEDs in random star pattern
200 lights

Examples of past projects from the Enlighted archives: (<50 lights)

Examples with 300 or more LEDs:

dress designs with strings of LEDs

For designs that require closely-spaced lights arranged in lines or clusters, with a steady glowing effect, the illumination can be created with strings of LEDs.

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