illuminated text and logos

Have you always dreamed of seeing your name in lights? Are you promoting yourself, or another product, and looking for a unique way to get some attention? We offer a variety of options for lighting up text and logos on your clothing.

fabric patches with internal backlighting

One of our preferred methods for lighting up text and logos is to create a custom embroidered patch that acts as a stencil. When a flat light source is placed behind this patch, the light will shine through the windows created by sheer fabrics, and will be blocked by areas with opaque fabrics and stitching. A similar effect can be obtained with a plastic, vinyl, or leather stencil.

We typically use a soft, flat assembly of LEDs to illuminate the patch, and can achieve a variety of flashing patterns, color gradients, and color-changing effects. If you only need a single color with a steady glow, an EL panel can also be used as backlighting. The patch can be permanently attached to your garment, or it can be built as a removable item.

We can use this technique to light up many kinds of shapes within a design, including individual characters written in a specific font. Smaller features are generally more readable when they serve as opaque regions, with light filling in the negative space, or background.

Pricing for embroidered patches with internal lighting will depend on the size of the patch, the complexity of the design, and the type of lighting effect. We would need to see your artwork to determine what is feasible and to provide a detailed quote, but as a very rough estimate, a simple design measuring 4x4" (10x10cm) would start around $500, and a larger design of 8x8" (20x20cm) would be closer to $800.

Please follow the links below for examples of previous projects with this style of lighting.

EL wire outlines

Logos and text can also be illuminated by adding outlines of EL wire on the outer surface of the fabric. This approach is recommended for logos that can be drawn with outlines and gentle curves, and simple block letter styles of text. The wire can be shaped into fairly tight bends, but it is generally not the best choice for designs that require sharp corners.

Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of the design. A simple logo or a single word drawn in block letters with a steady glow will typically start in the range of $300-$500. The cost would scale upwards with increasing detail, double or triple lines, and animation effects. More elaborate designs, with lot of fine detail, would be in the range of $500-$1000 or more.

Please follow the links below for examples of previous projects with this style of lighting.

LED accents on the surface of an existing logo

Rather than lighting up all of the text or other features in your logo, sometimes it can be more cost effective to just add a few LED accents on the outer surface of a printed or sewn design. If you provide the base garment, this type of design can typically be achieved for $15-$20 per LED, with a minimum of $300 per garment or LED assembly.

designs with a mixture of lighting types

We can also create logos and text that use a mixture of these techniques.

text created from fixed LED points of light

Text can be created with individually mounted LEDs, as shown here. This option is recommended for applications that require text with an exceptionally high brightness, although it is also more labor-intensive and more expensive.

The lights are joined together on the inside of the fabric, with reinforced regions that make the individual letters fairly rigid, although the assembly can be flexed in between the letters. This type of installation can be animated with a variety of flashing patterns.

The number of lights (and the cost) will depend on the size of the writing and the density of the dots. For simple block letters, it will typically require 10-15 lights per character to make readable text. At our standard rate of $15 per LED, this translates into a cost of $150-$225 per letter for this type of design.

Please follow the links below for examples of previous projects with this style of lighting.

scrolling LED text and graphics

In the past, we have done several projects involving grids of LEDs that could display scrolling messages and patterns, using individually mounted LEDs, blocks of rigid 5x7 LED arrays, and grids of surface-mounted LEDs on flexible circuit boards.

However, designs like this are significantly more complicated and expensive than the other methods presented on this page, and they are generally impractical and cost-prohibitive to build by hand. We retain descriptions of these projects in our archives, but we consider them to be discontinued, and we do not offer flexible scrolling message designs for small quantity custom orders.

If you require a flexible fabric-mounted display that can display messages or other patterns, we are available as design consultants, and can assist you in finding other sources, or developing a new system based on the latest technology.

Alternatively, if you can achieve the effect that you want with a small rigid scrolling display, we suggest that you look elsewhere for a mass-produced version, such as a nametag or belt buckle.

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