dancing with the stars

Joanna and Derek's
"futuristic paso doble"

Dancing With the Stars, Season 9, Week 8

Broadcast from Hollywood, CA

November 9-10, 2009

We were honored to be invited back to work on another project with the wardrobe team for Dancing with the Stars. In this case, Enlighted was commissioned to install the lighting on the costumes that were created for Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough in their dazzling interpretation of a paso doble from "the future." We added stripes of blue LEDs on Joanna's corset, and on the silver stripes on Derek's military-style jacket and pants.

Video clip of the performance - watch here or on youtube.

more images from the performance

closer views of the blue LED lines that we installed in stripes on Derek's jacket and pants

closer views of Joanna's corset with blue LED accents

Joanna Krupa, Janet Hansen, Derek Hough, and Dmitry Chaplin

more shots from backstage and rehearsals

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