electra costume

Signature Theatre, Arlington VA

December 17, 2013 - January 26, 2014

In this revival production of the musical Gypsy by the award-winning Signature Theatre, Enlighted was commissioned to install lighting in the costume for the character Electra.

Most of the costume was constructed as a one-piece bathing suit with illusion mesh, with pockets for batteries and other electronics on the back. The costume also included a headpiece and gloves with built-in control switches that could light up separate sections of the costume on cue.

At some points in the performance, the lights have a steady glow, and in other parts they are flashing together or in sequence.

shots from the performance at the Signature Theatre

views of the costume in bright and dim light, and with the finale animation

closer view showing how the LEDs in this costume were modified to look like dressing room light bulbs

Electra wears the costume in this fun video with Mazzepa and Tessie Tura (but without the LED gimmick):


how to order

We've done a variety of lighted costumes for the role of Electra - please see this page for other examples.

Enlighted illuminated stagewear is created by custom order only, and we do not keep pieces like this in stock. We can install lights in existing costumes that are sent to us (usually recommended so that you can deal with the fittings locally), or in some cases we will create the entire garment.

Please see our custom orders page or contact us for more information.

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