EL wire logos and text

This page documents some examples of EL wire logos and text that we've installed in past projects.


EL wire block letters on jeans

This can be a simple way to add large lighted text on a pair of pants, especially if the pants are relatively loose and the wire will not be forced to flex repeatedly at the knees. We would not recommend this kind of installation on a pair of tight pants, and the wire should not be placed in areas will it will be crushed when you sit down.

full view of pants, closer views in dim and bright lighting

EL wire logo on ranger's vest

This kind of lighting can be useful for people who may need to be identifiable in a dark environment. This logo, made with yellow EL wire, is mounted in the center upper back of a vest, where it will not need to flex much.

The design was created with one continuous piece of wire. Note that the sharp points at the feet and the neck are achieved by passing the wire through holes in the fabric.

closer view

EL logo for aquaman

This piece was created for a superhero who rides a jet ski at night. We used a special type of water-resistant EL wire to make the electronics less vulnerable to splashes.

full view and detail of wire outline in the dark

views of the patch in bright lighting

EL wire text on hotpants

This group, the "Rhyme Cartel", wanted to display their name in lights on the back of a pair of hotpants. This was achieved with EL wire by creating a non-stretchy panel that could suport the wire. It was also important to place the wire in an area where it wouldn't be crushed by sitting (though you probably wouldn't want to lean back while wearing these).

hotpants in dim lighting

hotpants in bright lighting

script "P" logo

For this project, EL wire was applied to an existing screenprinted design on the back of a jacket. The dominant lines are made with standard thickness (2.5 mm) EL wire, and the finer details are made with 1.2 mm diameter EL wire.

full view of the design in dim and bright lighting

detailed view

lighted hemp logo

EL wire designs on fur tend to work best on shorter furs, and/or lighter fabric colors.

happy boy pat logo

Green EL wire was used to create block letters and a simple logo on this stylish silk smoking jacket.

EL text on casual jacket

The block letters on this jacket are outlined with standard thickness lime green EL wire. The small "PARISH" text is made with thinner wire (also known as angel hair).

more info about this jacket can be found here

western shirt with EL trim, JJJ monogram

leather coat with EL 'swinger' text - more info here

multiple strands of EL wire were animated to create a pulsing pattern

other examples of EL script text

This three-color design uses multiple strands of EL wire (pink, purple, and blue), which are animated in sequence to make it appear that the color of the wire is changing.

still shot and animated view

closer view of the multiple strands of EL wire

This shirt was made for a fan of Shania, who was planning to wear it to a concert, in hopes of getting her attention.

how to order

We can use EL wire to create many styles of logos and text on your clothing. Please see our custom logos page for more information about pricing.

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