cineVegas international film festival

Las Vegas, NV

June 7-15, 2002

Palms Hotel and Casino


"Flyerman" is an extraordinary documentary, covering five years in the life of a man who passes out flyers in his search for fame.

The CineVegas International Film Festival ( marks Flyerman's return to Las Vegas, where he hands out flyers to promote his own film. An early work-in-progress screening was shown here, receiving rave reviews.

"... a powerful portrait of a universal obsession with celebrity that permeates our culture. It is fresh, restrained and rhetorically powerful - the film keeps opening up, revealing terrifically unexpected layers." -- Trevor Groth, Director of Programming, CineVegas/ Senior Programmer, Sundance

Enlighted created a light-up tuxedo for Flyerman which amplifies and advertises his energetic identity. The suit is featured prominently in the film, including the opening credits and scenes where Flyerman runs amok in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Flyerman also commissioned us to create a new light-up suit, which he wore to several parties at the festival. An overview of our other Flyerman work can be found here.

Please see for more information, and updates on where the film can be seen next. Update: the DVD is available now, too!

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