dorkbot socal meeting

enlighted designs studio tour

Encinitas, CA

December 18, 2004


Dorkbot is a loosely organized group of "people doing strange things with electricity", who discuss these interests in a variety of online groups and in monthly-ish regional meetings. See for more information.

crowd of dorkbot enthusiasts

tour of the Satreheedn and the Space Bar interactive video project

tour of the main workroom at Enlighted

demonstration of scrolling text messages

DORKBOTSOCAL 6 - 18-December-2004 - Enlighted : Hansen / Stalbaum&Poole / Kearns
[ S P E C S ]
*** DECEMBER 18th 2004 - 8pm (Saturday) *** Enlighted Designs ***

[ O V E R V I E W ]
We'll be holding the DORKBOTSOCAL6 event at the studio/factory of Enlighted Designs - designers and builders of electroluminescent clothing. Janet Hansen, the company founder, will be giving us a tour of the place, and may even share the secrets of how things like this are manufactured. After that, Paula Poole & Brett Stalbaum will take control: they'll talk about doing arbitrary mapping things with GPS, in their incarnation as As a bonus, Brett's also a member of the highly respected C5 Corporation and is also the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major at UC San Diego... you'll want to hear what he has to say. Lastly, we're capping off the evening with a special and wonderfully strange presentation by Neil Kearns: he supposedly has an RV that he's modified to be driven by sitting on the roof, and it's outfitted with a bunch of video monitors playing an obscure synchronized mix of images. We'll put on our jackets, head outside, and go inside the darned thing.
Come on out, bring your own "refreshments", egg nog and a couple of friends - this will be a mind-engaging and memorable event!

[ P R E S E N T E R S ]
Janet Hansen
Enlighted Designs
Janet Hansen is an artist/engineer/entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of wearable technology, particularly lighted clothing. Through her company, Enlighted Designs (, she illuminates all types of apparel, including bras, pants, suits, dresses, ties and hats. Light elements include LEDs and electroluminescent (EL) materials, used in conjunction with a variety of optically transmissive and reflective elements. The lights are animated in pre-programmed patterns (with PIC-based sequencers), and some designs incorporate motion-reactive, sound-reactive, or color-changing effects. At this dorkbot meeting, she will give a tour of her studio, display examples of lighted clothing, and discuss the past/present/future of this unusual industry.
Janet's formal training is in engineering, in areas as diverse as robotics, image processing, semiconductor manufacturing, molecular biomechanics, and dynamics analysis of aerospace vehicles. She received a BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College of Claremont, CA, and PhD in Bioengineering from UC San Diego.
Brett Stalbaum & Paula Poole
Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum will talk about doing arbitrary mapping things with GPS, in their incarnation as Paula and Brett spend as much time as possible in the Great Basin, performing their vocational pursuits as artists, as well at their avocational interests in archeology, geography, geology, natural history, and low-impact, minimalist camping. The Great Basin provides the immense scale, subjective context, and open access to remote space that combines the above interests into a multiplicity of possible outcomes. The goal is to conceptually explore in the spaces between disciplines of interest to us - for example between database and painting. Brett will also talk about the other major collaboration he is involved with, C5 corporation, their stunning recent discovery of the actual physical location(s) of the Great Wall of California, (the speculative "other" of the Great Wall of China), and the potential applications of supercomputing and database applications to tell artists where to go.
Neil Kearns
Neil Kearns is an artist currently specializing in telecast and kinetic artforms. Under the pseudonym Doktor Random, he will introduce you to the "Portable Scalable Mirth Module" which promises to increase awareness of and measurably change your perspectives of the physical and civil landscape.
Doktor Random is utterly unqualified to do any of this though, holding little in the way of tangible credentials other than a valid California Driver's License.

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