siggraph cyberfashion show

3rd Annual SIGGRAPH
Cyberfashion Show

Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA

August 11, 2004

Enlighted participated in the Cyberfashion Show at SIGGRAPH, contributing four full outfits among a variety of wearable computers, smart clothing, and other illuminated designs. Janet also acted as a "designer in residence" in the Guerilla Studio, and demonstrated some methods for mounting LEDs and EL wire in clothing.


electrifying host Psymbiote (aka Isa Gordon) in a hypnobra, Janet working in the Guerilla Studio, Brett modeling the EL motorcycle jacket

photos from the fashion show

silver "Vegas" suit with white LEDs, also described here

purple metallic spandex pants, bra, and belt set
with sequins and blue, white and purple LEDs

black leather jacket with 300 feet of multi-colored EL wire
also seen in November 2004 issue of InStyle Magazine

red corset dress, also described here

other shots from the fashion show

opening performance by the Mutaytor

glowing hand art by Brett

Tiger Lee's CyberFashion Show Montages

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