"gathering light" fashion show

Galerie D'Art International

Solana Beach, CA

November 11, 2005


Enlighted exhibited a variety of lighted clothing pieces on live models at the Galerie D'Art International, as the "Second Grand Opening" of a group art show at the gallery, entitled "Gathering Light".

the magical fiber optic "Bovine Rex" faux cow coat

princesses and butterflies seemed to be a theme that night

group photo with and without flash (yes, it's difficult to get a single photograph to show it all)

silver corset top with new accessories!

more group photos ...

thank you, ladies! (happy people make the best models)

The show also featured lighted sculptures by artists including Janet Hansen (of Enlighted), William Leslie, Deanne Sabeck, Jo-El Heathcote, Valentyna Royenko, Annie Lemoux, and Patricia Geary.

On November 11, 2005, from 6-10pm, the gallery offered an 11/11-themed gathering with two special performances:

"The Magic of Art, Light, and Color" by Jo-El Heathcote, with lasers, color projectors, shadow art, kinetic light art, and light sculptures
"Illuminated Fashion Exhibition" by Janet Hansen of Enlighted

(suggested attire: wear white, and dance in the light)

Please see the gallery's website for more information: http://galerieartint.com/

Images and notes from our previous fashion show at the same gallery can be seen on this page.


Galerie D'Art International is located at 320 South Cedros Ave, Suite 500, in Solana Beach CA 92075. Tel 858.793.0316.

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