desert photo shoot

March 2005, Red Rock Canyon, NV

Andrew De Lory Photography

Andrew DeLory Photography (see also

daytime views of white/silver/hologram "wedding" dress, or white corset dress

nighttime shots of the same white corset dress

behind the scenes, daytime

behind the scenes, night

party girls, silver corset dress at night

Amy Cantrell Photography (see also

lighted bra and belt sets

purple and silver sequined bra with matching pants and belts

red corset dress at night, with Las Vegas skyline on the horizon

daytime views of the silver corset dress

another view of the hypnobra, with matching lighted pants

Eddie Tapp Photography (see also

white corset dress at night

red corset dress at night

purple sequined bra with matching belts and pants

night shots of the silver corset dress

the hypnobra

group photo - big thanks to everyone who participated!

Janet Hansen Photography

busted by the Red Rock Rangers ... what, we needed a permit? oops.

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