50 cent

In August 2010, we were commissioned to create lighted clothing for 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew, for their appearances in the historic Home and Home Tour, co-headlined by Jay-Z and Eminem. Two shows were performed in Detroit, Michigan (September 2 and 3), and two shows were performed in Yankee Stadium in New York (September 13 and 14).

We designed and installed custom lighting for several dozen pieces of clothing, including jackets, vests, shirts, and pants, and for accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and a backpack. The styles followed a few themes, as described below.

leather LV jacket with white LEDs

leather Louis Vuitton varsity jacket decorated with hundreds of cool white (blue-tinted) LEDs

as seen in concert, worn with lighted hat, pants, and glasses

camo print jacket and pants with EL wire

You really need to see this in person to appreciate the full effect, but this was one of everyone's favorite outifts. Starting with a "normal" set of camo print jacket and pants, we added multi-color sections of EL wire, roughly following the classic shapes printed on the fabric. (Adding EL wire outlines to each individual shape would have made the garment too stiff).

full view of the camouflage suit, closer views of the front and back of the jacket

front and back of camo jacket, and front view of camo pants, in dim lighting

front and back of jacket, and front view of pants, in bright light with EL turned off

Gucci vest, jackets, etc with EL wire

If you want to give your designer clothing that something "extra", to make it look even more expensive, here's one approach we can help with:

front, side and back views of Gucci vest with red, white, and lime green EL wire outlines

closer view of Gucci vest detail in brighter ambient lighting

front and side views of hooded Gucci jacket with EL wire outlines

front, side and back views of Gucci jacket with EL wire trim

Gucci jacket with EL wire trim on shoulders, cuffs, and pockets

Gucci backpack with lime green, red, and white EL wire trim

more photos of the EL wire Gucci pieces being worn in concert

hats with EL wire

baseball hats with EL wire outlines

closer view of Mets hat with EL wire outlines

closer view of EL wire NY logo on Yankees hat

captain's hat with white and lime green EL wire trim

white bucket hat with aqua EL wire trim, black bucket hat with violet EL wire trim

Gucci hat with red, white, and lime green EL wire trim

sunglasses with EL wire

aqua blue EL wire outlines on Oakley sunglasses (a wire runs to the battery pack, held on the body)

lighted t-shirts

'this is 50' design illuminated with lime green EL wire

red EL wire outlines on 'this is 50' t-shirt logo

YSL t-shirt with white LED backlighting, designed to be worn with the LV varsity jacket

other military-themed coats and vests with EL wire

officer's coat with red EL wire outlines

military-themed vests decorated with EL wire outlines and squiggles

leather jackets with EL wire

dark blue leather jacket with matching dark blue EL wire trim

red leather jacket with red EL wire trim

ivory leather jacket with yellow EL wire trim

lighted pants

front and back view of cargo pants with red EL wire outlines

denim jeans with EL wire outlines

how to order

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes, props, and accessories that will enhance your stage presence. Please see our custom orders page for pricing guidelines, or contact us for more information.

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