fire-themed designs

Many of our designs are inspired by fire, where we imitate the colors or behavior of flickering flames with the safer modern alternatives of LEDs and EL-based materials.

flame-style bras and halter tops - more information here

these make a great set with a matching lighted jacket or pants

LED flame pants - more information here

pants with flame-shaped LED appliques at the ankles

lighted flame hats

these are described in more detail on other pages (LED version, EL + LED version)

mask with LED flame hair, lighted eyes - more information here

side, front, and back view in dim lighting

black velvet scarf with LED fire effect

This black velvet scarf has an animated LED fire effect embedded within each end. (sample animation clip)

LED fire effects on a karate suit

front and back view with varying light levels

closer view of front, detail of light mounted directly in fabric

Video clips with sample animation: full view of front, shirt only

LED fire staff - more information here

with a staff like this, you don't need a special permit to spin "fire" indoors

fitted women's flame jacket

This is a women's jacket with similar LED flame effects. A black vinyl thigh-length trenchcoat was decorated with light-up flames on the lapels, sleeves, and front of the jacket.

front view, detailed view of lapel

closer view of animation

This particular jacket was made for live trance artist Jeannette Romeu, aka the Galaxy Girl.

casual oversized flame jacket

This is a casual black zipper-front jacket decorated with flame appliques. The flames are illuminated by red, orange, and yellow LEDs that flicker to simulate fire on the collar, cuffs, front, and back of the jacket.

front view, sample animation

detail of applique on back, as seen in a crowded club

This jacket also makes a brief appearance in the full-length feature film Thrust, where it is worn by a DJ in a few party scenes.

yellow fire suit with hundreds of LEDs - more information here

this outfit was one of our earlier pieces, circa 1999

short coat with red LEDs flickering in flame pattern

front view in bright, moderate, and dim ambient lighting

how to order

Please see our custom orders page, or contact us for more information about lighted costumes for DJs, musicians, and other performers.

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