Flyerman, aka Mark Vistorino, is a well-known Toronto entertainer who got his start in the industry by handing out promotional flyers. He is easily recognized by his signature outfit, a suit with his name in lights across the back. His exploits are the subject of the documentary "Flyerman," which was released on DVD in the US and Canada on June 7, 2005.

Please see for more information, including the Flyerman movie trailer (in Quicktime format).

Flyerman continues to make public appearances in his light-up suits and has been seen at grand openings, concerts, and other events in Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, and San Diego, among other places. We have so many pictures of Flyerman-related outfits and events, we've divided them up into several pages.

the original suit

The outfit that started it all ... more info here

red jacket with white lights

Flyerman's second jacket, with more elaborate flashing patterns ... more info here

black smoking jacket with red accents

This striking black and red smoking jacket has multicolor lights with a flickering flame effect ... more info here

long black coat with blue lights

A classy Yohji Yamamoto designer coat with blue and white lighted lapels ... more info here

CineVegas Film Festival

The documentary was shown as a work-in-progress screening ... more info here

Toronto International Film Festival

Flyerman officially premiered in Toronto in September 2003 ... photos, press and more info here

Flyerman crashes Conan O'Brien show in Toronto

While sitting in the audience, Flyerman turned on his light-up suit and got the attention of Conan O'Brien and Mike Myers ... more info here

black jacket with blue lights, 'DVD' on back

This coat was created in 2005 to promote the DVD release ... more info here

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