german wheel

This "Off Road German Wheel" is a piece of acrobatic equipment, designed and built by Eric Raymond of Solar Flight Inc. The luminescent pneumatic tires were created specifically for the surface of the Black Rock Desert (for use at Burning Man 2004).

Enlighted installed the lighting - about 500 feet of EL wire, with double loops of 5 colors (pink, yellow, lime green, aqua, and purple) inside each wheel. The lights could be activated in two modes: a steady glow, or a 5-channel sequential animation.

yes, it really was visible on the horizon from this far away

detailed views of the light-up tires

a lesson on the Playa

more shots of the wheel in action

the wheel in daylight

how to order

We are not able to produce replicas of this project. We did not make the wheel (we just installed the lights), and the designer of the original piece is not interested in making more copies of this design.

However, we can install lights in all sorts of other non-wearable items. Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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