electric halters

I hope you like attention! These halter tops create a mesmerizing light show on your chest, providing yet another reason for people to stare at you all night. The top edge of the halter is lit up with a row of LEDs that twinkle, fade on and off, and sway side-to-side until your admirers are hopelessly hypnotized.

red velvet halter, front and back views
assorted colors

The lights are powered by a 9V battery, hidden in a small pocket under your arm. Your halter will glow all night - about 24 hours or more on a single battery.

purple spandex halter with purple lights
black spandex halter with rainbow lights

other spandex colors: live-wire lime, shocking pink, & electric blue

red velvet with red lights, black velvet with white lights

custom halters are available in a variety of styles and colors

front view of a sparkly blue halter
the battery is hidden in a small pocket under your arm
sample animation

great for dancing!

how to order

The style of halter shown on this page is currently available as a custom order only, in your choice of fabric color and light color. Halters are typically made as "one size" (fitting approx size 4 to 14), with adjustable ties in back, but we can accommodate special requests for larger or smaller sizes, or other types of straps or closures.

Please go to our custom orders page for more information.

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