lighted hats

Over the years, Enlighted has created many types of lighted hats - some of our favorites are documented here. Click on any thumbnail image for more information (some links go to other pages). Other types of lighted headwear, including masks, crowns, and lighted hair, are described on another page.

fedoras and other men's dress hats with LEDs


faux fur hats with LEDs - more info here

cowboy hats

EL wire hats - more info here

baseball caps and beanies

scrolling message hats

other lighted hats

pulsing LED hatband

This hatband is made from a blend of blue and white LED strings clustered together, with variable flashing patterns that cycle between the strings (the individual LEDs are not animated). Video clips with sample animation: clip 1, clip 2

front and side view of hatband mounted on a black fedora

closer view of the lights, mounted under a sheer silver ribbon

striped LED hatband

This hatband was created from stripes of red, white, and blue strings of LEDs. It can be lit up in a sequential pattern, with all the lights of each color lighting up at once. See this video clip for a sample of the animation.

side view of the hat in bright, moderate, and dim ambient lighting


deluxe hat with LED outlines - warm white light version

This high-quality black wool hat is decorated with over 100 warm white LEDs outlining the brim, hat band, and crown. It was made for R Kelly's 'Light it Up' tour in spring 2006 - more information is available on this page.

deluxe LED hat - purple light version

This hat is similar to the one used on R Kelly's tour, but the lights are purple instead of white.

video clips with sample animation: slow sequence, fast sequence, top view

pinstriped gangster hat with blue, green, and purple LEDs

This hat was designed to match a pinstriped suit jacket with blue and green LEDs, and is animated with several user-selectable flashing patterns. It contains over 40 LEDs, mounted in the sides of the hat, in a zig-zag pattern.

side and top view of pinstriped gangster hat

side view of hat in dark, moderate, and bright ambient lighting

video clips with sample animation: side view (slow), side view (fast), top view

fedora with lighted hatband

front and side view of a hatband with 20 blue LEDs, video clip with sample animation

this was part of a costume made for Jowell y Randy, more info here

red fedora with black LED flames

this wide hat band is built from black flame-shaped appliques, lit from within by red and gold LEDs
video clip with actual animation

additional views of the hat in dark and bright ambient lighting

bowler's hat with sound-reactive color changing LEDs

various views of the hat displaying different color patterns

video clips with sample animation: clip 1, clip 2

black bowler hat with lighted flame accent

This felt hat is decorated with a flame-shaped accent with 15 blue and white LEDs, mounted in the place where a feather would normally be attached to a hat band. Video clip with actual animation.

cowboy hat with rainbow hat band - more info here

black straw hat with RGB LEDs on hat band

each LED in this hat band can emit red, green, blue, or combinations of these colors of light, in sequential patterns of various speeds

views of the hat in dark, moderate, and bright ambient lighting

video clips with sample animation: slow sequence, fast sequence, detail view of hat band

scrolling message board hats

block letters, individual LEDs, or flex board version

"it's all about me" hat - more info here

polka-dotted faux fur hat with rainbow LEDs - more info here

the lighted spots on this hat display a slowly changing series of random color combinations -
we've also made matching scarves and coats

white faux fur hat with white LEDs

this hat was designed to match the coat shown on this page

white faux fur hat with LEDs and fiber optics

side and top view of a white fur 'pimp' hat with fiber optics

views of the hat in bright, moderate, and dark ambient lighting

video clips with sample animation: fading, fast spin, top view

cowboy hat with red LEDs around hatband

the hatband is illuminated by a single string of closely-spaced red LEDs with a steady glow

silver lighted hatband

space cowboy/cowgirl hat with 5 animated rainbow lights mounted in a silver hat band

jester hats

a gold and white jester hat with clusters of flashing lights at the the points

a multi-color version, with lights covering the whole hat

lighted green tophat - more info here

this hat, with a mixture of green EL wire, and green and UV LEDs,
was made for Keith of the Irish rock band the Young Dubliners

baseball cap with LED outlines

this hat was made for Bow Wow's performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards,
please see this page for more information

lighted baseball cap with lightning logo

the lightning bolt is illuminated by gold LEDs that light up in sequence

knit hats

this white knit hat with blue and white lights was made for the Galaxy Girl

beanie style hats

top view and side view of a clear vinyl beanie with about 20 lights

sound-reactive "efhed" beanine, with lights mounted in a clear vinyl patch on the front
(sold out, no longer in production)

how to order

We offer some lighted hats on our ready to wear pages. We can also create new custom designs, or add lights to a hat of your choice.

Please see our custom hat design page for pricing details, or see our other custom orders pages for more information about the lighting options that we offer.

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