color changing hat and scarf

We created this matching hat and scarf set with black and white polka-dotted faux fur, and installed color-changing rainbow LEDs inside some of the dots. When the lights are turned on, the black fur circles act as pixel boundaries for the light.

When the lights are first turned on, they are all the same color. Over time the random color changes become out of phase with each other, resulting in a nice random mixture.

Hat and scarf combo shown in moderate ambient lighting. The scarf also has built in sleeves, allowing it to be worn over the arms, as a shrug.

closer view of the hat with different colors displayed, video clip of sample hat animation

black and white color-changing hat and scarf set as seen in this fashion show in Las Vegas

a pink and white scarf, with pink lights, worn at the same show

how to order

Other examples of our illuminated faux fur clothing and accessories can be seen on this page.

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. We offer a variety of lighted items on our ready to wear page, and can also make new pieces as explained in the custom orders section of this site.

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