heatwave superhero costume

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a superhero fighting for (or against?) global warming! Or maybe it's a guy in a cape who entertains fans at Miami-area sporting events.

In any case, Enlighted was commissioned to create an illuminated cape and helmet that featured the Heat Wave logo, with red and gold LED accents and matching sequin trim.

We also constructed a set of matching lighted wristbands.

heat wave cape

The cape is made of red satin, with red sequined shapes representing flame-colored waves around the entire border and the collar.

front view of the cape in bright, moderate, and dim ambient lighting

back view of full cape, close-up of lighted logo on back

closer view of the collar and flame shapes

The logo on the back of the cape was constructed with custom digital embroidery on a translucent piece of organza fabric. The sewn patch acted as a stencil - when it was backlit by LEDs, the sheer (non-stitched) areas would light up. The text was further enhanced with EL wire outlines on the front of the patch.

detailed view of the custom embroidery before lights are added;
closeup of finished patch with lighting and sequin trim

still and animated views of the lighted patch

additional views of the cape logo in bright and moderate lighting

heat wave helmet

We also covered a bike helmet with black, red, and gold sequins, and attached smaller versions of the Heat Wave logo with LED backlighting.

side view of helmet in moderate and bright lighting

side and top views of the helmet

The lighted logo patches for the helmet use a smaller version of the digital embroidery that was created for the back of the cape.

detail views of the patch in a bright room, with the internal lighting turned off, and in a darker room with the patch illuminated - note the thin outline of EL wire (angel hair thickness)

patch lit with LEDs only, patch lit with EL wire only

patch lit with LEDs and EL wire at the same time

Video clip with sample animation

heat wave wristbands

These wristbands begin with a wide elastic strap as the foundation, with velcro closure so they can be stretched to the desired size and then closed (but they are easy to put on without damaging the electronics). Each band is then covered with three stripes of sequins. The center stripe on each wristband contains 5 LEDs, mounted in a method similar to that seen with our sequined bras.

examples of wristbands made to match the red, white, and blue Mr 1776 costume,
and the red and gold Heat Wave costume

views of the wristbands in bright lighting

how to order

Are you an emerging superhero looking for a way to enhance your visual presence? We can put your name in lights, and decorate any costume as you see fit. Other examples of lighted capes can be seen on this page. Check out our custom orders page, and please contact us if you'd like more information.

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