sequined denim skirt with lights

This denim skirt is a remarkable piece of wearable art, with beads and sequins intricately applied by hand in a pattern that suggests a worn denim aesthetic. The creator calls it the "mermaid skirt", in reference to the scaled appearance of the hand-sewn sequins.

As the final step in the creation of this garment, Enlighted was commissioned to install lights in a scattered random arrangement, with a subtle twinkling pattern.

additional views of the sequins and beadwork

another detail view

Sample animation of the lights twinkling - video clip (1.2 MB)

how to order

We enjoy collaborating with other artists, providing customized light effects that offer a finishing touch to their designs. We can install lights in a completed garment, costume, or work of art. In some cases, it may be preferable to get us involved early in the design process, so that the lights are easier to install.

Please see our custom orders pages for more information about custom work.

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