costumes inspired by movie characters (TRON, etc...)

Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are not able to write a personalized response to each person who asks about Tron-inspired costumes. We've created this page to address the most common questions (similar answers would apply for other popular movie characters).

Our business is focused on creating original designs for lighted clothing and costumes. We do NOT sell replicas of Tron costumes or Tron-related merchandise. If you are an authorized licensee, and want to develop a product, we might be able to help in a consulting capacity.

If you are not asking us to violate any copyrights, and are simply seeking some futuristic illuminated clothing, then there are a wide range of options we can offer. Please browse through our archives for some examples of what we can do. Our custom orders pages provide an overview of the custom design process, an introduction to LEDs and EL wire, and our pricing guidelines.

Regardless of the inspiration, full-body lighted suits pose many special challenges, such as these factors:

FIT: For a form-fitting design, it is strongly recommended that the client be available for multiple live fittings at our studio (in the San Diego area), or provide travel for us to come to your location. Or, as an alternative, we might be able to install lights on a base suit that you provide (that has been fitted for you already), although there will be limits on what fabrics and garment types are suitable for supporting lights.

DURABILITY, WASHABILITY, and BATTERY LIFE: There is a big difference between making an illuminated costume that is intended for a carefully posed photo or video shoot, versus a live performance, versus multiple performances for an ongoing tour. Some types of lighting are too fragile, too expensive, or too power-hungry for use in a consumer-friendly version that could be worn under normal circumstances (such as a typical night out at a club). In many cases we can recommend more practical alternatives, although the appearance of the lighting might need to be changed.

TURN-AROUND TIME: We do not have a supply of pre-made suits waiting to be sold. Our costumes are made as custom orders, and typically require 4-6 weeks for construction, although the length of our waiting list varies, and can be as long as 1-2 months before we can start the construction phase. Rush orders might be possible, at additional cost.

COST: The cost of a deluxe full-body costume will depend on the degree of detail in the design, the amount and type of lighting, and the method that is used to install the lighting. Most full-body costumes on our site begin in the range of at least a few thousand dollars (for the lighting alone, not including the base suit), and increase to $5000 and up for more elaborate designs.

GETTING A QUOTE FOR A CUSTOM ORDER: Aside from these general estimates, we are unable to provide precise bids for new full-body costumes without receiving information about your requirements, especially for the categories listed above (can you come here for a fitting? how will the suit be used? do you have a certain budget or timeline in mind?). We might be able to give you fairly quick feedback to say whether we think a project is feasible (or not). In some cases, a complex commissioned project will require an initial design phase, with consulting fees that are separate from the cost of the costume itself.

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