electric nervous system, v2.0

The original nerve suit (described on a separate page) is so popular, we've received many requests for reproductions of the costume. The variation described here is similar, with a glowing brain, spine, and "nerves" covering the body.

The base of the costume is a black spandex hooded bodysuit, which is covered with a few hundred LEDs in a distinctive rainbow pattern.

two views of the glowing brain

great tracer effects obtained from spinning around and dancing

detailed views of the assembly process:
wires are hidden between the "nerves" and the fabric bodysuit

This particular nervous system costume was created for Jeannette Romeu, the Galaxy Girl, as shown in these photos of her stage performances as a live trance artist. Other light-up pieces in her wardrobe are described here.

how to order

Replicas of the nervous system costume (or similar designs) are available as custom orders. Please see our custom orders pages for more information on pricing and ordering.

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