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This is the page where we showcase a variety of limited edition ready to wear Enlighted products. Some items can be shipped quickly, and others will require a lead time of a few weeks.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we also do custom orders (with a longer lead time, currently 6-8 weeks or more at standard pricing, or faster with rush fees).

lighted faux fur scarf with 20 single-color LEDs - $250
(limited quantity ready to ship within 1 week)

These scarves are made with soft, high-quality synthetic furs and lined with fleece. They are available in one size, measuring about 60" x 8" (152cm x 20cm). Extra panels of fleece near the ends (on the outer thirds of the scarf) allow the piece to be worn as sleeves, too.

Each scarf is decorated with ~20 single-color LEDs, powered by a single 9V battery held in a pocket near the center of the scarf. When the lights are first turned on, the lights are activated with a steady glow as the default pattern. A variety of other flashing patterns can be selected with a mode switch on the battery connector.

This scarf is available now in the colors shown below:


lighted scarf/sleeves
light blue fur w/ green tips
20 animated green LEDs
one size

lighted scarf/sleeves
white fur with yellow circles
20 animated yellow LEDs
one size
lighted scarf/sleeves
white fur with pink circles
20 animated pink LEDs
one size

lighted faux fur vests with ~40 single-color LEDs - $500
(limited quantity ready to ship within 1 week)

These fur vests offer front and back coverage, and about twice as many lights as the scarves described above. Each vest is decorated with about 40 single-color LEDs placed in a regular pattern on the front and back. The lights are animated in a variety of user-selectable fading and flashing patterns, with a steady glowing effect as the default. The lights are powered by a single 9V battery, held in a pocket near the hip, along with the on/off switch and mode switch. The standard size fits an adult M or L (chest 40", length 24"). Other sizes such as XL (with more lights) may be available as a custom order.

lighted vest, white fur with blue circles
~40 animated blue LEDs

lighted vest with rainbow color-changing LEDs - $500
(limited quantity ready to ship within 1 week)

We also have black and white fur vests with RGB LEDs. They display a variety of rainbow colors that change continously with a slow random fading effect. Unlike the vests described above with single-color LEDs, there is no user control for this type of lighting. The lights are powered by a pack of 3 AA batteries, held in an inner pocket near the hip.

lighted fur vest
black/white circle pattern
size adult M/L (chest 40", length 24"), ~40 LEDs, $500

lighted faux fur leg warmers with 40 LEDs - $400/pr
(one pair left)

Our lighted leg warmers/boot covers make a nice matched set with a lighted scarf or vest. Each piece is decorated with about 20 single-color LEDs that can be animated in the same patterns as the scarves and vests. The top of the legwarmer is closed with an adjustable elastic strap. A small battery pack is held in a pocket near each knee.

lighted leg warmers
white w/ yellow circles
~40 yellow LEDs
one size, one pair left

payment information

Please contact us by phone or email if you'd to place an order for something listed on this page. You can use this ORDER FORM to send us your credit card details (fill it out and send back by email or fax), or supply the same information by phone, or in the text of an email.

Standard shipping is typically $10. Express shipping is also available for an additional cost, varying with the weight of the item, your location, and how soon you need it. International shipping is also available - typically $20 and up for shipments to Canada, $75 and up to other places outside the US.

CA residents will be charged an additional 7.75% sales tax.

We accept payment by wire transfer, check, PayPal, and all major credit cards. For local walk-in orders, we will also accept cash. Please contact us to set up a time - we are open for visitors by appointment only.

To place an order, please choose one of the following methods:
• Send us e-mail:, or
• Phone us at 760.505.3343 (US Pacific Time Zone, email preferred outside of normal business hours) or
• Send the ORDER FORM by fax (see the fax number on the form) or
• Send the ORDER FORM by regular mail, but only if it is not a rush (see the address on the form)

We will acknowledge the order when it has been received, and will notify you of the expected shipping date.

Thank you for lighting up with us!

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