deluxe color changing coat

Here's another example of a faux fur coat illuminated with LEDs. This mid-thigh length unisex coat is made with a black and white polka dot pattern, and we've inserted a color-changing RGB LED into the center of each of the spots (over 400 of them!).

When the coat is first turned on, the lights are synchronized for a while (going through a slow fade of red, green, blue, gold, aqua, pink). Over time, the individual lights go through their changes independently and out of phase, for a nice random color changing efffect.

When the lights are off, they are completely hidden, and it looks like you are wearing a "normal" faux fur coat.

animated views of the front and back of the coat

front, side, and back views

detailed view of lighted spots, and photo of fabric in bright lighting (with LEDs off)

Sample animation:

front view, when it it first turned on and colors are synchronized

front view, with random colors

back view, with random colors

detail view of a few spots

the lights can display a full ranbow of colors, including pink, red, gold, green, aqua, and blue

how to order

Please see other examples of faux fur clothing designs with built-in LEDs on this page.

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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