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Cyberfashion: Technology you can wear

Day to Day
August 5, 2005
by Xeni Jardin

[excerpt from audio]

Running things backstage is Janet Hansen, who is wearing ... well, normal clothes. She also designs lingerie that lights up. "It's gradually becoming more mainstream to have lights in your clothing, or to have functionality in your clothing such as mp3 players and phones, and as electronics are with us all the time, it's becoming more common to integrate it with the clothes. As issues such as washability and durability are overcome, eventually maybe we'll all be wearing light-up bras."

[excerpt from text on site]

In the future, we'll all be able to text-message hugs to another friend's shirt, coat buttons will do double duty as cameras, and underwear will be able to "phone home" when biosensors detect there's trouble.
At least, that's what might be. Visionary designers and technology experts put their heads together at the recent annual SIGGRAPH convention to showcase cutting-edge fashions that are part fanciful, part practical, part science fiction.
SIGGRAPH is the first and biggest convention devoted exclusively to computer graphics and interactive technologies. This is the fourth year the convention has put on a fashion show, and it's become a must-see hit for the cyberpunk-geek crowd.
This year's convention in Los Angeles featured fashions designed to protect children, or keep the wearer organized and "on the grid" There were even clothes designed to expand personal space -- back off, close-talkers -- or just offer some soothing chatter for a little companionship.

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