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Wakacje na obcej planecie... Festiwal Burning Man w USA
(Holiday on an alien planet ... The Burning Man Festival in the USA)

May 21, 2005

by Joanna Zebro


excerpt, with approximate English translation of interview with Janet Hansen:

"...Dusk. Milions of lights and surrounding pulsing music creates a unique, surrealistic atmosphere. Overwhelming colors can cause dizziness. I haven't seen anything like this in my life - even in Las Vegas - everything glows. Club music is everywhere, but one can also hear tribal drums, hard rock and oversweet pop sounds. People wear night costumes. The more neon lights and glowing wires, the better. 35 year old Janet stands out from the crowd. She wears silver, self-made, cosmic suit surrounded by numerous blinking rainbow wires. The individual from different planet. Janet designs and makes such suits for living. "My clients are mainly artists"- she explains playing with colorful wires.

Janet has a PhD in biomechanics, but after a few years of working in the aerospace industry as an engineer she understood that she would like to do something different. She first made blinking (glowing) costumes around 6 years ago, and three years later making such suits became her sole way of earning money. "I found my niche. It demands both artistic soul and an engineer's knowledge, because each of my costumes has a complicated network of wires and colorful lights," she says.

Despite the fact that her costumes are expensive - after all they are little artworks - she has numerous clients. The busiest time for her is just before Burning Man.

(...) For example Janet is active in the San Diego Burning Man group where she organizes workshops on the art of creating blinking costumes. For her, Burning Man means 'holiday on an alien planet,' the rest after exhausting months of desiging and sewing."

[link to full article in Polish],65385,2721737.html

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