purple lighted skirts

These skirts were part of the costuming for a musical performance on a major cruise ship line. The dresses were sewn by Elizabeth Courtney Costumes in Los Angeles, CA, and Enlighted installed the lighting.

Each skirt has over 400 small LEDs mounted in a purple metallic base layer. The lights are diffused by a sheer organza outerskirt, which is also decorated with black leaf patterns.

The lights are white, but appear to be blue/purple due to the reflections from the surrounding fabric.

Video clip with sample animation: full skirt, skirt detail

two views of the skirt, in bright and dim ambient lighting

detailed views of the light shining through the sheer outer later of fabric

close-up view of the on/off switch, mounted in an applique

a single skirt panel during the construction process, front view and back view of the wiring

how to order

Light-up skirts and dresses are available as custom orders. We can design the entire dress to your specifications, or we can add lights to one that you already have, if you prefer.

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please check our custom orders pages for more information.

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