sculpted costumes, sets, and props

How do you make a monster mask even more frightening and intimidating? How do you make your sci-fi fantasy character seem like a real "living" robot? What can you do to give your costume that extra special something? ... Internal lighting, of course!

In collaboration with sculptor/costume designer Jason Hite, Enlighted has been involved with several custom illuminated costumes, props, and other accessories based on sculpted techniques. Please see Jason's website, Hite Studios, for more examples of his amazing work.

The components are designed in clay, and cast in latex or silicone rubber. Other materials such as resin and translucent plastics may be included as part of the design.

sculpted mask and costume, 'syferous'

mask with illuminated teeth and facial features, animated view

full view and detailed view of a scale model of the costume

sculpted costume, 'eve'

full view and detailed view of a scale model of the costume

sculptures for special effects

Enlighted helped to create the lighting for this prop in Jason Hite's short film Stasis.

view in bright light, and when enhanced with EL wire and UV LEDs

other views of the same prop, with female figure removed

sculpted mask and costume, 'ziomech'

views of the sculpted mask, costume parts worn over a custom-painted bodysuit

how to order

We enjoy collaborating with other artists, providing customized light effects that offer a finishing touch to their designs. We can install lights in a completed garment, costume, or work of art.

We can help coordinate the design and construction of sculpted parts that integrate various forms of lighting. It may be preferable to get us involved early in the design process, so that the lights are easier to install.

Please see our custom orders page for more information about collaborating on a project.

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