light-up shoes

Here at Enlighted, we've added lights to many kinds of footwear, including dancing shoes, boots, athletic shoes, and even ice skates. In most cases, the lights are installed in flexible fabric or leather covers, or trims that are mounted on the outside of the shoes.

r kelly's lighted shoes as mr. showbiz - more info here

lights were mounted in rubber grommets in these flexible fabric shoe covers

shoes for mishon's music video - more info here

EL wire trim and miniature LEDs were wrapped around the bottom of the soles

lighted dance shoes for 'hot feet' the musical - more info here

miniature red LEDs and rhinestones are mounted in a flexible fabric shoe cover

lighted tap shoes

We've created several pairs of lighted shoes for The Haygoods, a family of entertainers based in Branson, Missouri.

For this project, the LEDs are mounted in leather covers that are worn over normal tap shoes, and can be moved to a new pair as the shoes are worn out.

top and side views of the tap shoe covers, video clip with sample animation

additional views in dark and bright lighting

lighted wrestling boots

These custom wrestling boots were illuminated by adding a lighted panel to the front, which is held in place by the laces.

views of the boots in dark and moderate lighting

The red and black pair on the left has 10 rainbow-colored lights per boot, and the black boots have strips of 10 red, white and blue LEDs.

each lighted strip is self-contained, with its own power switch and 9V battery

Quicktime movies with sample animation: Boots (2_MB), Strips (1.2 MB)

The boots are part of Jimmy Light Show's wardrobe, which is described in more detail on this page.

lighted casual shoes

Enlighted client Burghman has also had lights added to a few pairs of athletic shoes.

In this example, super-bright white and gold LEDs have been mounted in a layer of black suede that covers the top of the shoe. Also, note that each shoe is powered by a 9V battery, held in an elastic pouch on the back.

animated view of shoes with white and gold flashing lights

front view and top view in dark and bright lighting

another pair of shoes created for Burghman,
with gold lights and a sheer gold overlay fabric

basketball shoes with orange EL trim

front and back views in dark and moderate lighting

side view in dark and moderate lighting

shoes with lighted heels

In this example, the lights are attached on the outer surface of the shoe (since this is a hand-made custom modification). We do not produce shoes with lights built into molded parts of the heel or sole - you'll need to find a mass produced version if you want that type of construction.

front and side views of the shoe, video clip with sample animation

how to order

To ensure a proper fit, we recommend that you select the plain shoes yourself and send them to us. Lights can be then be added to the outer surface, although there are several practical limits to take into consideration when planning the design and the location of batteries and switches. Shoes take a lot of abuse!

We typically do not recommend putting the custom hand-made electronics that we offer inside the sole of a shoe, since the installation process would compromise the durability of both the shoe and the lighting elements. That type of lighting must be installed at the factory level.

Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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