underwear with signal lights

Sometimes, a client will call with us with an idea, warning us that it might be "the strangest thing we've ever heard." Nothing shocks us anymore, but this project probably ranks in our top 5 for amusing and unusual custom orders.

Behold, a pair of men's briefs with built-in multi-color signaling lights!

This piece was commissioned for use at an underwear party - it may be a bit ahead of its time for the mainstream fashion world.


Red, gold, and green LEDs are strategically placed in the following shapes: a green downward pointing arrow, a gold circle, and a big red 'X'.

The proud wearer of this technological breakthrough can select his (or her*) preferred light color and flashing pattern, using the convenient switches on the waistband.

green means "go", or more accurately "come over here"
sample video clip of animation

red means "stop", "go away", "not for all the beer in the world"
sample video clip of animation

a mixture of colors can indicate "maybe", "probably not", or "drunk and confused"
(click links for video samples of each mode)

*most likely his

how to order

We do not carry items like this in stock, but we can make you something similar as a custom order. Other examples of lighted panties, thongs, g-strings, hotpants, boxers, briefs, and other undergarments can be seen on this page.

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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