lighted space suits

What says "futuristic" better than a shiny silver space suit, or a robot suit with a matching helmet? A space suit with lights, of course!. We've created a variety of illuminated space suit designs for live shows, costume parties, and other future-themed events. We enjoy projects like this, being big fans of the future ourselves.

daft punk's ultimate EL wire robot suits - more info here

We installed the red EL wire outlines on these suits for Daft Punk's Alive 2007 tour, which are described in more detail here. (And technically, these are robot costumes, but they seem to fit the theme of this page)

deluxe EL wire space suit

Each of these space suits has about 50-60 feet of EL wire installed on reinforced areas of the front, back, and shoulders of the upper torso, the arm cuffs, and the knees.

Both are made of the same shiny metallic fabric base; one is decorated with lime green EL wire, and one is decorated with aqua blue EL wire.

front view in moderate and dim lighting, closer view of the cuff

closer views of the upper front and shoulder

basic EL wire space suit

This silver space suit was decorated with about 40 feet of red EL wire trim outlining the front of the jacket, the shoulders, the arm cuffs, and stripes running down the legs and around a hexagonal-shaped kneepad.

front views of the upper half and entire suit, in dim and bright lighting

closer views of neck and shoulder detail

closer views of knee detail and arm cuff

how to order

We do not carry any of these suits in stock - they would be custom-made in your choice of style, size, and color. We can make something similar to the ones shown above (within reason), add lights to a suit that you provide, or create a completely new design. Here is some sample pricing, to give you a general idea:

ultimate Daft Punk robot suits (over 500 feet of EL wire per suit)
These are not for sale, and we do not sell replicas of the custom leather suits or the helmets. If you'd like a suit with a very high density of EL wire lighting, the cost of the installation could be in the range of $5000-$10000 or more.

deluxe silver space suit (about 50-60 feet of EL wire)
~$1500-$2000 and up, not including the silver base suit or masks

basic silver space suit (about 30-40 feet of EL wire)
~$1000 and up, not including the silver base suit

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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