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I just wanted to let you know I got the Tie today and it Rocks! Awesome job I am sure everyone at my work is going to want to know where I got one! Thanks again for the great service and keep up the awesome work!


Janet - The dress arrived this morning and the first thing I did was plug it in in a dark room and oh my gosh it is SPECTACULAR! You did such a phenomenal job and I am soooo appreciative. I think it really is going to be a special moment in the show, so thank you a million times over for your help not only wiring the dress, but also working with my budget and still making it look wonderful. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know and if I ever need more light-up costumes in the future, I will be calling you! Thanks again!

- Renee

Janet, you are a rockstar among rockstars!
- ck

I love you! :)
I guess you can tell that I am happy! Everyone thinks it is amazing! I have a feeling you may be making me one every tour! Again...you have made my day and tour so much happier!
Chris ...................... www.chriscaffery.com

Thank you !!! Thank You !!! Thank You !!!!!!!
It looks great!!!!! Just what I wanted!
I will e mail you pix of it on stage when we get back!!!!!
Janet you're the best!!!! Thanx again!
-Jackie B.

I got the coat back and I just want to thank you for your usual great work. Here in Jacksonville Florida it's the backward armpit of the free world and that coat just blew everyone at the club away. It was like a bunch of primates' first brush with fire. I got mad props and big ups all night from the masses. Thanks to you I'm living the pimp life! You'll be hearing from me again...

- Paul

Thanks again for the great product and service you have provided us time and time again. The lighted jackets are a great addition that definitely spiced up our shows. It's hard not to get noticed when you light up the stage. They have become a signature item as people talk about us as "those entertainers with the jackets that light up"! Well constructed and certainly unique.

Janet thanks again. Hope to work with you again soon.

- Pete Troy, Strongsville, Ohio

Troy Entertainment, Inc. ...................... www.troyentertainment.com

Oh my gosh, I cannot stop raving about my jacket!!! I love it so much, and have never experienced getting so much attention before! Michelle's bra is REALLY hot and professionally made, major props to you. She's also gotten overwhelming attention.

- Aj, Los Angeles, California

NewAje Laser Performance ....................... www.newaje.com

Janet, thank you SOOO much! Halloween was incredible! Toronto LOVED it! The belt was the biggest hit of any party I have been to in 12 years of raving! It was honestly my best party I have been to in about as many years. The DJs called me up on the stage and demanded that the crowd cheer me on with my title belt. WOW! Kid you not the crowd was yelling and for hours and hours. At least 500 pictures were taken of me and my belt, I kid you not. My ego is on top of the world!

- Jim R., Ontario, Canada

Forgive me for my enthusiasm but I must write you again to tell you of my night!

... Honestly I got so much attention again tonight, from it, that it's probably not good for my ego (but I loved it). Went out for third week in a row to Kingston nightclubs and you know what, it was insane (tons of cheering).

... You must warn people, that sometimes they can get addicted to the reaction the lights get. Believe it or not it has been 3 of the best weeks of my life thanks to you.

... We met so many important djs and promoters last night it was so neat. Didn't pay cover all night long anywhere or have to wait in any lines.

- Jim R., Ontario, Canada

Janet, The Freek suit looks fantastic! I am sure they will be pleased, you did a wonderful job with the font and lighting...two FREEKY thumbs up!
Thanx Rob ............................. www.bodybagging.com

I received the vest in the mail today. Needless to say I'm stunned at how awesome it looks! You do excellent work! I love the colors as well as the different blinking combinations. I'll wear it this weekend for my gigs in NJ. It is sure to get a lot of attention! Thanks again for the great job on the vest.

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. It looks great. I want more and I need to see what I can do next.

Hey Janet!
Recv'd package! I absolutely love it! Thanks so much! I will put cards out at party! I'm sure people will be calling you for one! Will be in touch to do more business! Best, Tina

Hi Janet,
Just wanted to let you know that the dress was a hit at the masquerade. I know you're busy with Burning Man but I wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic job you did. A lot of people were asking me for your name so hopefully you might get a few referrals that way.

The lights arrived and they look absolutely awesome!

hi Janet just letting you know I got the headphones, all I can say is....WOW even better then I imagined. This is really gonna help the branding and set me a part from all the rest. I might have some idea's for more work. So when I get some time ill touch base with you and let you know :) Once again I really appreciate it and I love how you paid such close attention to detail

I'm just getting ready to head out to the gig in my new jacket! It looks awesome.....I can't wait to spring it on everyone! Thanks so much for your quick turnaround. I'll drop you some pics. after the show!

Everyone at the wedding loved the light up vest and tie. Thanks a lot.

The bow tie arrived safely yesterday morning; it looks brilliant (!) and I am looking forward to wearing it.

Hi Janet,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for getting me the tie in time for my Senior Homecoming. It went over really well with all my friends, especially my date. I think the tie made me look like a better dancer, lol. Thanks again for everything and I hope all is well.

As I don my custom-by-Janet brightly blinking Christmas togs this year I realize I did not commission a new article with which to embarrass my wife. A terrible oversight. I will try to do better next year.

Hi Janet
Just a quick note - I am on the cruise ship and wanted to tell you already what a big hit your bra was the first night. I have already passed your info along to about 4 people!

The box was waiting for me when I got home last night. Everything looks great! I haven’t tried it on yet but hung it up and played with the lights. I’m impressed with how well the wires are hidden. There will be many dimly lit areas at this event so I should pack quite a punch. I’ll send pix afterward. Thanks again for a great job.

Janet - thanks for getting this out to me so quickly! I just received it and it looks great! I will contact you if we need anything else. thanks again.

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