thongs, g-strings, and hotpants

I can't explain it, but there seems to be some sort of primal human obsession with wanting lights on your underwear. We get a lot of inquiries for lighted panties, thongs, g-strings, hotpants, boxers, briefs, and other undergarments. So here you go ... but remember, you asked for it!

black sequined bra and thong set with blue lights

This lighted thong is part of a matching set (see the lighted bra here). The lights on the lower half are mounted in a sequined panel on the front with 6 blue LEDs.

pink, white, and red lighted bra and thong set with feather boas

This lighted thong is also part of a matching set (see the lighted bra here). Sample video clip

lighted signaling briefs - more info here

Yes, someone really ordered these, and we really made them.

posing trunks - more info here

These lighted posing trunks were made as part of a bodybuilder's costume, for use in competition.

"stripper man" lighted hotpants

these white hotpants (with tear-away sides)
have the words "stripper man" written across the back in red EL wire

additional views in dark and bright ambient lighting

white hotpants with blue and white LEDs

These white hot pants have about 24 blue LEDs and 24 white LEDs, arranged in a grid pattern. They were made for the Galaxy Girl, a Florida-based musician.

lighted leather hotpants

These black leather shorts have 20 blue LEDs, arranged in a grid pattern on the front. They were made as part of Jimmy Light Show's wrestling ensemble.

animated view

how to order

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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