power ties™

Would you like to add some variety to your tie collection? Or are you looking for a unique gift? A lighted tie will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

printed circuit board tie with 5 red LEDs

This tie makes a great gift for engineers, computer scientists, and fans of gadgets and technology in general. The circuit board pattern is printed on the fabric, but the lights in this design are fully functional, and flash in a variety of patterns.

printed circuit board tie, and detailed views

Video clip with sample animation: printed circuit board tie with red lights

solid-color ties with 5 matching LEDs

We also make a series of solid-color ties with 5 lights - minature LEDs in this case.

dark blue with blue lights, crimson red with red lights, and black with white lights

detail view of the dark blue tie with blue lights, shown with lights on and off

each tie has a small pouch on the back, which holds the batteries (two coin cells, type CR2032) and the pushbutton on/off switch

views of the tie colors with lights on and off

These are "zipper" ties, meaning they come with the knot pre-tied, and the neck is adjusted with a zipper mechanism.

Video clips with sample animation: red tie with red lights - blue tie with blue lights - battery location and on/off switch - demonstration of neck adjustment in pre-tied "zipper" ties

custom lighted ties

We've also created many other variations of lighted ties - a few examples are shown below.

Custom ties made for R Kelly's 2006 Light it Up tour (with about 70 warm white LEDs) and Jowell y Randy's 2007 tour (with 20 blue LEDs)

a tie decorated with EL wire, shown under varying ambient conditions

how to order

We can make a variety of lighted ties (as well as bow ties, as described here), but we do not typically keep any in stock - they are only done as custom orders.

Custom ties can be created with a range of fabric colors, light colors, and light placement. We can use a fabric tie that you provide, or create something uniquely Enlighted in our studio. In most cases, we recommend that the base tie is a pre-tied type.

Please see our custom orders pages for more information on custom options.

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