university of dayton flyer pep band

Enlighted created a lighted warm-up suit for the leader of the University of Dayton's "Flyer Pep Band" as well as a variety of other lighted accessories that are used to energize the crowd at their basketball games.

The lighted suit contains over a hundred red, white and blue LEDs in stripes on the arms, legs, and torso, as well as lighted logos and text. A control switch near the wrist allows the wearer to change between a variety of high-energy flashing patterns.

front view of lighted suit in dark, moderate, and bright ambient lighting

back view of lighted suit in dark and moderate ambient lighting

Sample animation clips: front view, back view

We also created several dozen lighted hats for the members of the Pep Band, and lighted fabric covers that decorate the ends of the tubas.

hats with super-bright lights mounted on top

lighted tuba covers

For more information about the Flyer Pep Band, and more pictures like these, please see their website:

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