light-up velvet jackets

Are they making a new Austin Powers movie ... starring you? People might think you're a celebrity when they see you in this groovy gear. The cuffs and lapels are lit up with multi-color LEDs that twinkle and fade in a variety of animated patterns. They are nicely visible in a bright room, and impossible to miss in the dark.

This long, semi-fitted jacket looks great on men or women. The examples shown here are made of black crushed velvet. The lights are secured within zipped translucent pockets. They can be removed and replaced with a simple snap connector. The jacket is dry-cleanable when the lights are removed, or spot-cleanable when the lights are still attached.

stylish black smoking jacket with blue and green lights
detailed view of the front
black jacket with red lapels, and red and gold lights
red and gold lights, as seen in a dark club

as seen on Control, on the Univision TV network

blue/green jacket and pants combo
did I mention these are great for dancing?

how to order

Please see the enlighted gallery for a description of the matching light-up pants. We also make light-up leather jackets and casual jackets with flame effects.

Velvet light-up jackets are made to order. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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