lighted wings

We've made many styles of lighted wings for butterflies, angels, fairies/faeries, and other flying creatures using LEDs and EL wire. Most have straps so they can be worn over the shoulders, like a backpack. The batteries and on/off switch are usually located in a pocket at the center back of the wings.

faerie wings with twinkling LEDs - more info here

these wings with over 100 LEDs were part of an elaborate holiday faerie costume

pink sequined wings with LED outlines - more info here

lighted fairy wings with white LED outlines - more info here

tinkerbell wings with yellow LED outlines

These wings were made as part of a tinkerbell costume. They were designed to be pointed at the top, and rounded at the bottom. The edges are outlined with steady-glowing yellow LEDs.

front views of the wings in dim and moderate indoor lighting

closer view of front, back view (note that lights face forward)

large butterfly wings with rainbow EL wire and twinkling LEDs

These large-sized wings were made for a client attending a rainforest-themed masquerade party (her date wore the gorilla costume shown here). Coral-pink, yellow, lime-green, blue, and violet electroluminescent (EL) wire outline various sections of the wings, with a few loops and twists mixed in to the design. Twinkling color-coordinated LEDs are scattered throughout the wings.

front view, back view, detail of zippered battery pack in back

medium wings with rainbow EL wire and twinkling LEDs

These wings are a smaller version of the ones shown above, and can be made with or without the LED portion of the design. Overall dimensions are about 28" tall by 30" wide, although they can be folded in half for shipping (~28" x 14" x 5"). Other sizes of wings are available upon request.

back view in medium lighting, and in darker lighting with LED animation

front view in bright light, medium light, and animated view in darkness, shown with a spiral bra and matching hotpants

small butterfly wings with EL wire and LEDs

These smaller wings have a wire outer frame, and a sheer pink fabric covering. They are outlined with pink and yellow EL wire, and have a few twinkling LEDs filling in the rest of the design.

shown in bright light and dim light

small angel wings with EL wire outline

These wings were made to go with a child's angel costume, as described here.

original butterfly wings with over 100 LEDs

animation of the lights, and view of the wings in bright light

The original Enlighted butterfly wings (made in 1998!) contain over one hundred multi-color LEDs that flash continuously in a rainbow sequence. They have elastic shoulder straps, and are worn like a backpack.

They can be combined with a variety of outfits. Below, they are shown with a silver metallic dress.

as seen in a fashion show at CaliforniaMart, November 1998, and reported in the Apparel News

optional antennae with lights at the ends

how to order

Light-up wings are available on a made-to-order basis. You can provide your own wings to have lights added, or we can build the whole thing.

Pricing will depend on the amount and type of lighting. For an EL wire design, a small pair of wings with a single outline of EL lighting would start around $200, and large complex designs with many strands of wire could be in the range of $500-$1000 or more.

For designs that use LEDs, the cost will depend on how the lights are wired together. Individually mounted (and animated) lights start at $20 per LED. If the lights are all on at the same time, with a steady glowing effect, the cost per light will be lower. The examples above with steady-glowing LED outlines start around $500.

Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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