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LED Pillow with Dalmatian Pattern Cover

  • Pillow illuminated by RGB LED pixels
  • 10 animation modes (including 5 with sound-reactive effects)
  • Black and white outer cover can be removed and washed
  • 20" x 20" x 8"
  • Powered by battery pack or AC adapter (both options included)

This pillow is decorated with an array of RGB LED pixels, which are then covered by a diffusing layer to produce a relatively uniform field of light on the surface.  The outer cover is a black and white fuzzy synthetic that resembles Dalmatian patterning. The outer cover is removable and washable. The inner pillow (and associated electronics) are spot-clean only.

It can be powered by a battery pack, held in a zippered pocket inside the pillow, or it can be plugged into an AC adapter.

It is programmed with the following animated modes:
1) sound reactive rainbow option 1
2) sound reactive rainbow option 2
3) sound reactive rainbow option 3
4) sound reactive color bursts
5) sound reactive purple/pink
6) blue/purple hypnosquare
7) blue/green slow twinkle
8) pink white fast twinkle
9) twinkling rainbow
10) symmetric rainbow

Custom colors or patterns are available, on request.